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Swirly, milky electric green that looks like Ghostbuster’s ectoplasm. Slyme can vary… some is transparent, most is translucent, and some is more opaque – until you get it really hot. This gives you some control over the translucence of your piece. There are approximately 10 rods per pound.

Working Tip: Who you gonna call?? This translucent green looks like Ghostbusters ectoplasm! A variation on our popular Kiwi, Slyme can range from translucent, to milky to opaque. Some of the more transparent parts can be re-struck on the surface to a ghostly milky green. But even the opaque parts of the Slyme will become translucent with more heat. Work the dense-looking ones cooler to keep them more opaque, if you like, then change the opacity of the piece in certain areas with additional heat!

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