Purple Sable


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A new variation on Paul’s classic amber/puples, this one has a transparent coffee-coloured sable base, with a light aventurine sparkle. And wow is it reactive! Purples and blues are easily achieved with this colour, as are ambers, geeens… just about any colour, depending on your torch atmosphere and how hot you get it. Reducing and encasing can enhance the reflective qualities of Purple Sable. There are approximately 10 rods per pound.

Working Tip: Purple Sable is an amber-purple glass, except without the yellowness of the amber. This one has a coffee-coloured transparent base, with a light aventurine sparkle. Torch atmosphere changes this glass dramatically, as does the level of heat. Best effects occur in a mid-range of temperatures — too cold and the reaction won’t happen, but too hot and you risk burning it off. Blues and purples are common shades achieved from this reactive colour, but greens, yellows, and many other shades are possible. Paul

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