Multi-hole Infinite Rim Marble Mould

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The Multi-Hole Infinite Rim Mold™ comes with five holes and is designed to make any size marble between approximately 3/8″ and 1-1/4″ diameter. The four smaller holes (1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″ and 1″) are in the front of the paddle and the larger fifth hole (1-1/4″) is in the center of the back.

This marble mould is designed by Drew Fritts and manufactured by Dan Grumbling (both glass artists). They are the most highly regarded marble-shaping moulds on the market and an essential tool for everyone making marbles. An investment you only want to make once.

The mould has tapered holes, rather than the traditional hemispherical cups. The conical surface provides an infinite number of ‘rims’ because no matter the size of the gather (within the range of the cup) spinning inside a conical mould will make it round. Each ‘Infinite Rim Mold’ is designed to round any marble within a given size range. The holes have been mathematically designed so that any marble within that range will be rounded as if it were in an optimal size cup mould.


  • The handles are custom-turned titanium which provides a lightweight, durable handle that won’t burn, warp or conduct heat.
  • Each handle is 10″ long to accommodate different working styles. Some people like to choke up close to the mould, while others like to hold further back on the handle to keep their hand away from the heat.
  • The handle is counterweighted with a custom-fitted, swirled, pewter-like knob on the end. This places the balance point very close to the center of the overall length and makes the mold very easy to manoeuvre.
  • The graphite is attached to the handle using a band-clamp mounting system. This attachment method provides for a non-slip, twist-proof attachment. The handle will never slip or twist – guaranteed!
  • The moulds are made from isostatic EDM graphite – the best, slickest, smoothest graphite available.
  • Minor wear and tear is easily maintained: For example, if your punty always contacts the rim in the same place because of the angle you hold the mold, it may wear an indentation in the rim over time. If this occurs simply loosen the band, spin the mold to a new position, and retighten the band.
  • In the unfortunate event the graphite puck gets broken in a fall, it is simple to undo the band and replace the puck. This saves on some of the cost of buying a completely new mould in the unfortunate event that it’s necessary.

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  1. Joyce

    I really like this tool

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