Menzies Marver With Clamp For Phantom Torch


The original Menzies Marver is now apart of the Menzies Series produced by Griffin Glass Tools.? This long trusted marver is now available with or without a defense shade. The Menzies Marver is a larger torch mount marver with a durable design in a unique mounting style.? The 4 inch by 4 inch base plate faces the user and can be positioned at any angle.? The back plate is 2.5″ x 4″ and like the base plate is made of the finest grade graphite.? The marver mounts on the barrel of the torch and will not turn, wobble or move in any way; nor will it mark the barrel of the torch.? Perfect for the serious glass worker.? The Menzies Marver is now available with a defense shade option.? The shade reduces the effects of IR and UV light on the skin.? The Defense Shade is available with or without a steel frame around the glass, and is designed to be quickly added or taken off the torch marver.? Available for all 2 stage GTT torches.

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