Medium Silicone Adaptor 12-13mm


These silicone boots are great for attaching your swivel to a blow tube. One end will fit onto a 1/4 swivel (if you trim off the connector end, it fits 3/8 inch swivels). The other end fits well onto different sizes of POLISHED end tubing (sharp ends will cut these!). I have found no difference in the material, based on color which can help organizing, telling different sizes apart at a glance.

The 12-13mm boots fit 13mm blow tube into the thickest part of the boot, with smaller (9-12) sizes fitting into the shoulder or smaller part of the boot.

If you find yourself using tubing that fits into the shoulder or smaller part of the boot very often, you can trim off the larger part of the boot to make it even easier to get these boots on and off your blow tubes.

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