Heavy Blue Leprechaun


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A denser, more heavily saturated variation of our Blue Leprechaun aventurine glass. Another one so sparkly, our testers went “WOW!” Like the Heavy Leprechaun, this colour shimmers like shampoo or a fine car paint. This is a very dense aventurine colour, but has now been REFORMULATED to better withstand the heat of garaging and annealing in implosions! Avoid reducing this one before imploding, and don’t use it too thick, but we have many successful marbles here at TAG with the reformulated Heavy Blue Leprechaun. There are approximately 10 rods per pound.

Working Tip: These aventurine colours look similar to the Leprechaun and Blue Leprechaun, except with a far denser base and a super-metallic shimmer of fine sparkles. These resemble car paint or shampoo! Due to the extreme density of the colours, Heavy Leprechaun (green) is not recommended for implosions or inside-out work, but the reformulated Heavy Blue Leprechaun may be safely imploded into marbles, within reason. They are not very sensitive to flame atmosphere, but reduction should be avoided on any Heavy Blue Lep

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