Blowhose Holster with Blowhose V3.0


Always have your blowhose right where you want it!

This is a very refined version of a blowhose holder and blowhose that Firekist has been happily using for many years.

The blue tube that goes around your neck is quite bendable, and yet rigid enough to stay in place once bent to where you like it. It is of a polished plastic that feels smooth against the skin, unlike the grippy feeling of a latex or some silicone hose. It is very adjustable, allowing you to get it just where you want it to be.

The included blowhose itself is silicone, just like the Firekist standard blowhose, Version 3.0.

The other fittings are nylon and orange silicone. The Blue mouthpiece is a medical grade plastic, with a wire embedded in the wall of the tubing, allowing you to bend the mouthpiece where you want. You can cut the mouthpiece to shorten it with a wire cutter.

I prefer to have the length of the blowhose short enough so that the swivel does not hit the ground when standing, with the holster in its proper place. To achieve a perfect fit, you can make a number of adjustments. To adjust the holster take a look at this video. To adjust the length of the blow hose see this video.

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