4″ Vin Pin Tool


This was a joint venture design, created by John “vinE” Vinson of D’Vine Glass in Alaska and Weaver Industries. Inspired by a common floral frog, the Vin Pin creates a surface upon which you can press or roll your hot glass, and trap accurately spaced air bubbles. Machined from graphite, the Vin Pin won’t melt or distort, and has the unique property in that you can adjust the pin pattern.

The basic components are:

A graphite base, that is basically a holder to keep everything together.
A 3/8″ thick graphite top, drilled for the pins, and machined to have a nice slip-fit into the base.
Solid brass pins.

4″ dia. Vin Pin
Base: 5″ dia x 1″ thick
Top Insert: 4″ dia x 3/8″ thick with lots of solid brass pins

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