1/4″ Graphite Reamer


This lightweight graphite reamer has roughly 6 inches of high quality graphite, sharpened on each end, with a strong N42 neodymium magnet in its base, with 7 pounds of pull force. Terrific for fine, precise, hot glass manipulations.

This is made with high quality, dense, strong graphite. Now, instead of breaking a few reamers a year, using a degraded rough tip, or having chunks of graphite crumble into your work, you might have to sharpen it a couple times a year.

The magnet in its base will allow this reamer to stick vertically right side up, or up side down. It will even stick straight horizontally. This allows you to put it just about anywhere that is convenient. A medium sized screw head is all this would need to mount just about anywhere!

NOTE This tool will eventually heat up. If you are using a reamer of this size for an extended duration, we recommend cycling through a couple reamers or wrapping the handle in an appropriate thermal barrier. I do not wrap mine and I only use one. When not using this reamer utilize the magnet, and put this tool away from the heat of the torch and flame allowing it to cool down quickly.

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