Profound Glass was started in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO in the summer of 1996 after an inspiring visit with Rob Corbet, a local glassblower and Grateful Dead fanatic. During the first 2 years of Profound Glass, Nate spent much of his time learning the art of lampworking from intense experimentation, studying vintage scientific glass blowing books, haunting local glass shops and a taking a handful of classes with established glass artists. In 1997 was created and in 1998 “Profound Glass Gallery” opened in downtown Colorado Springs. The company was incorporated in 1998 as well.

Now in Austin Texas, Profound Glass specializes in Gilson® created opal and are the largest distributors of created opal in North America. Our comapny is staffed by friendly, caring people who want nothing more then to help you, our customers, in any way they can. Profound Glass is proud that every employee is paid a living wage and provided with full health coverage.

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